• We’re looking for a studio that can help us fix our sustainability brand book. It’s 400 pages and we have six weeks before it’s off to the printer’s. Are you up for it?

Client: Extremis – Belgian design furniture

When it’s your favourite outdoor design brand asking, the answer’s always yes. Plus, these kinds of high-octane jobs always get us going. To make sure we’d meet the deadline, we went to work at the Extremis office two days a week. Call it a high-altitude training in faraway Poperinge or an advanced course in juggling schedules.

At Extremis stories about sustainability are everywhere, and they’re about much more than making the right choice in materials. As a design brand, they ask themselves how every new design can have a positive impact. They look at the world and try to answer societal issues with design. 

In their weighty tome, they don’t only talk about sustainability. Extremis wants to take readers by the hand and share with them the insights that form the basis of their designs — from parasols that have a novel way of opening so they create more shade to a table made for leaning into.

Or this dilemma: what to do with garden sofas in rainy Belgium?

The book was presented at IMM Cologne (yes, we met that deadline!) and we closed this project with a little experiment in our garden. We were wondering how our copy of the book would evolve if, just like Extremis furniture, we’d store it outside.