de figuranten

de figuranten

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  • Up until now, we’ve done everything ourselves. The logo, the communication, the website… We don’t want that anymore. We’re looking for a partner who wants to be part of our team. Someone whose brain we can pick. Someone who takes care of campaigns and design and everything that comes with it.

Client: De Figuranten – kunstenorganisatie in Menen

For 25 years now, De Figuranten have made shows with a lot of attention for people in socially vulnerable situations in Menen. Five years ago, they came to see us. We’ve been working for them ever since.

Our first year together was intense. We designed a new logo and went on to think up a whole new visual identity. The old site was replaced with a new, more flexible and easily adaptable one, built to evolve along with the theater company’s needs.

Today, a walk through De Figuranten's visual language is still a day trip—and a pleasurable one at that. We designed collections of poetry and exhibitions, tried our hand at scenography for a show and signed off on a series of creative workshops with the organisation’s target audience: from children of asylum seekers to psychiatric patients.