the reference book

the reference book

  • We don’t just want a brochure. We want a book architects can’t ignore. A document that showcases what we are capable of.  


Client: Sapa Building System for Focus Advertising

After two editions signed by yours truly, our client noticed their book wasn’t only known among architects, but also among dealers and installers. All of a sudden, the latter two were looking to have their projects featured in The Reference Book. In other words: we’d more than met the high standards set two years earlier.

With Five Ideas For A Sustainable Future, the third edition of The Reference Book diepte met Five Ideas for a Sustainable Future dug deeper into the theme of sustainability. On recycled paper, of course. This way, 1.358 kg of paper was given a new life and 2.208 kg of wood was spared.

We celebrated the publication of part three with a ruled Architect’s Notebook — the lines a reference to the work of our favourite architects.