de oude kaasmakerij

de oude kaasmakerij

  • Can you? Print on wood?
  • Sure. To tell the history of the cheese dairy, we couldn’t think of anything better to use than a 20-meter long cheese board.

Client: De Oude Kaasmakerij & Savencia

85 jaar kaasmakerijIn Passendale, they celebrated 85 years of cheese making by seriously freshening up their museum. The concept is ours, as is the timeline in the classified monument part of the building, and the exhibit that focuses on the three main cheeses produced in the factory.

The budget was small, but ambitions were big. That’s why we recycled some of the existing elements. Parts of the old exhibition were kept on, while at the same time building new zones like The Three Cheese, The Cheese Dairy Today and Play.

Because cheese is 98% milk, the difference in taste exists mainly in the remaining 2% and the process. In a photographic infographic, we made the other elements visible to visitors. 

The original exhibition consisted of an extensive archive of historic cheese objects. In The Cheese Dairy Today, we explore the contrast between this archive, the folklore, and how a contemporary food company is run today.

In the Play zone, we really went all the way to make the rich history of De Oude Kaasmakerij tangible. Play along with Passendale’s marching band, wave at the king during his visit to the cheese factory or join Père Joseph in his campaign.